Is it time to buy a presale property now?

(November 17, 2017)

There are over 30 new developments being constructed (or in the process of beginning construction) on the North Shore right now. I’ve talked about the benefits and challenges of buying a presale in normal circumstances, but as we wrap up 2017, it looks like the New Year will bring uncertainties to our local real estate market. 

Two factors will influence the market in the coming year: the interest... read more.

Winter is (almost) here

(November 10, 2017)

According to the U. S. National Weather Service’s climate prediction centre says there is a 65-75% chance that conditions will lead to another snowy winter in the west coast of North America. Last week we got a little taste of what is coming. The weather is not perfect right now, but there is still time to prepare for what may be in the cards for the North Shore’s residents. The following are a fe... read more.

Blanket Drive 2017

(November 03, 2017)

Winter is here, just look at the mountains. Today is the first cold day of the season; you are probably dressed warmer than last week and have started the heater at home. Now please take a second and imagine being outdoors for endless hours a day without proper gear. Take it one step further and imagine being homeless during this winter. The need has never been bigger. As we approach the last week... read more.

New Mortgage Regulations might shift the Real Estate Market

(October 23, 2017)

Last week, Canada’s banking regulator presented the new mortgage regulations, which will come into effect on January 1, 2018. The biggest change of all is the establishment of a new minimum qualifying rate (or financial stress test) for borrowers making a down payment of 20% or more of the home’s value. Previously, the stress test was only required to those borrowers with insured mortgages and ter... read more.

The Interest Rate Hikes and the Real Estate Market

(September 29, 2017)

It has been a few weeks since the Bank of Canada raised interest rates to 1 per cent. This increase comes after recent economic data have been stronger than expected, allowing Canada to return borrowing costs to more normal levels after they were slashed due to the 2007-2009 financial crisis. For people that are on a fixed rate mortgage, this change doesn’t have an impact. However, those with a va... read more.