Wrapping up 2016

(December 30, 2016)

The 2016 market has been unique due to its many layers throughout the year. The beginning of the year was incredibly frothy through the Spring. It was a crazy market in which multiple offers were the norm. This didn't allow for buyers to due their due diligence in the traditional sense. Instead, all of that work was required up front prior to putting in an offer. From pre-offer inspections, review... read more.

Doug Ausman: the Lower Lonsdale Business Improvement Association

(December 14, 2016)

By Cristina Padres

As Lower Lonsdale evolves into a vibrant and thriving neighbourhood, it will face challenges that will require leadership. The good news is that, after more than six years in the making, the City of North Vancouver council approved the Lower Lonsdale Business Improvement Association (BIA) last month. But what does having a BIA mean for the community of Lower Lonsdale? We chatted... read more.

The effect of the weather in the real estate market

(December 04, 2016)

There is a correlation with the real estate market and the weather, which becomes more obvious in this time of year. If we get a heavy snowstorm this week, it will come as an indicator that winter is here and Christmas is just around the corner. The market will slow down. One of the main reasons is that sellers don’t like showing their homes with people dripping wet snow through their house and bu... read more.