Get your Home Ready for Winter

(November 23, 2018 )   

 This year, you may have felt that it’s been unseasonably warm this fall. And you are not wrong.

Environment Canada is expecting a “milder than normal” winter this year, thanks to El Niño, the weather pattern characterized by a warming in the Pacific Ocean, which can influence weather around the world and result in higher temperatures and greater precipitation in various regions.

El Niño is projected to be "weak to moderate" this year, and it is expected that the primary storm track off the Pacific will be directed into northwestern British Columbia and the Yukon Territory with above-normal snowfall. This may leave the Lower Mainland milder and drier than average throughout most of the winter.All of the above doesn’t get you off the hook for preparing for winter because the weatherman has a tendency to get it all wrong.

Tune up your heating system

Make sure to change your furnace filter and, if you haven’t done it recently, have a technician service it to make sure the system is in good working condition and achieving its manufacturer-rated efficiency. The technician will also measure carbon-monoxide leakage, which is essential for your family's safety.

Conserve Natural Gas

This year is exceptional due to blast in the Enbridge pipeline near Prince George. Fortis BC is asking consumers to cut back on their usage. Currently, the pipeline is operating at 55%, but if the province experiences below average temperatures for several days in a row, Fortis BC may be forced to access natural gas from storage.             

How to conserve natural gas
  • Keep the thermostats between 18 C and 20 C when at home and awake, and no more than 17, when away or sleeping.
  • Use cold water for laundry
  • Take shorter showers. Reducing your showers 2 minutes less than you usually would, have an impact on your gas consumption.

Restock weather essentials

I know the weatherman predicts we may have milder than usual winter conditions but better safe than sorry. Restock cold-weather essentials such as salt and eco-friendly de-icer. Additionally, if you don't want to (or can't) shovel snow, now is the time to hire a snow removal service. Remember that in the City of North Vancouver and District of West Vancouver, you are required to clear snow or ice and salt sidewalks and footpaths around your single-family home. The District of North Vancouver does not require single-family property owners to clear their sidewalks but encourages them to do so.

Checklist to get your home ready for winter:·   
  • Clean the Gutter
  • Inspect the roof
  • Turn off any faucets outside
  • Trim your bushes and trees.
  • Keep some rock salt in the garage for driveways and pathways
  • Replace burnt out exterior lights
  • Replace worn door and window weather stripping
  • Replace batteries in flashlights
  • Clean chimney flue
  • Clean clothes dryer hoses and vents
  • Keep mats at doorways to protect flooring 
City Sources for Snow Removal

City Of North Vancouver Snow Warning Page
District of North Vancouver Snow Removal Updates
District of West Vancouver Snow Safety

On another note, the mild weather may have a direct impact on the Real Estate Market, but this is a subject for another upcoming blog post. Don’t hesitate to give me a call if you have any questions about the market or wish to discuss your plans for the coming year, contact me here.